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  • Ledger Research in Liechtenstein.
  • Making Blockchain Knowledge Accessible.

Liechtenstein is leading in the sector of Blockchain and Cryptoassets.
Are you prepared for the decentralized web?

With the regulatory security provided by the introduction of the Blockchain Act and the strong financial centre with access to the EEA, Liechtenstein is one of the most attractive FinTech locations worldwide. 

As a source for Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptoassets, Ledgerlabs offers a wide range of practical information. In the Learning Center you will find the necessary basics.
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Together we are developing a shared knowledge database on decentralized systems and strive to make Blockchain resources more accessible. Join us!
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What’s Blockchain? How do I implement Smart Contracts? Which consensus algorithms exist? What is the difference between private and public Blockchains? What does hashing mean? What is the difference between security and utility tokens? Inform yourself in the Learning Center!

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Due to the Blockchain hype in recent years, the term is currently used deflationary and the properties of the technology are fading into the background. It is important to examine application scenarios and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies. In the Research Center you will find sources of all kinds for a sound evaluation. 

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You want to create a crypto portfolio, implement smart contracts or store data on a Blockchain in a tamper-proof way? We create the basis for the start of new Blockchain initiatives in the Learning Center. The Research Center refers to more in-depth specialist knowledge and in our Blog we support you with a range of tutorials.

Bitcoin Believer? Ethereum Enthusiast? - or just interested?
Help us to make Blockchain research more accessible and share your knowledge in blog posts, learning center articles or add a record in the research center database.