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About us.
We strive to make Blockchain knowledge more accessible.

Ledgerlabs is a contact point for investors, entrepreneurs and interested parties for inquiries regarding Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). As a source for Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptoassets, Ledgerlabs offers a wide range of practical information from a single source.
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What’s Blockchain? How do I implement Smart Contracts? Which consensus algorithms exist? What is the difference between private and public Blockchains? What does hashing mean? What is the difference between security and utility tokens? Inform yourself in the Learning Center!

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Due to the Blockchain hype in recent years, the term is currently used deflationary and the properties of the technology are fading into the background. It is important to examine application scenarios and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies. In the Research Center you will find sources of all kinds for a sound evaluation. 

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You want to create a crypto portfolio, implement smart contracts or store data on a Blockchain in a tamper-proof way? We create the basis for the start of new Blockchain initiatives in the Learning Center. The Research Center refers to more in-depth specialist knowledge and in our Blog we support you with a range of tutorials.

The Team.

Severin Kranz

Severin Kranz has worked for several years as a consultant in the Fintech sector and in asset management. Since 2015 he has also been intensively involved with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Through his Master in Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen, he researches on governance mechanisms of Distributed Ledger Technologies has specialized in business model innovations as well as human-centered innovations through design thinking.

Samuel Kranz

Samuel Kranz has been working as a research assistant on innovative software and hardware solutions in the field of electronics and signal processing since 2016. As a specialist for mining and cryptography, he has been operating his own mining farm since 2015 and develops hardware-related software solutions for various Blockchain projects.

Kevin Nigg

Kevin Nigg has been working as a test engineer and - manager in a construction technology company for several years. There he is continuously getting insights into innovative system and software solutions. In a agile environment, he often deals with change management and has to break down existing structures. A similar trend can also be observed in the financial sector - which has been raising the interest of Kevin. Since 2016 he is intensively tackling cryptocurrencies and dealing with initial coin offerings and tokenized assets.

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